fire protection

Fire Protection Compound

Fire Protection Compound is intended for use as a gap filling material where cables and pipework services penetrate fire compartment floors and walls.

Fire Protection Compound typically expands slightly on curing to form a rigid seal and is also suitable for use in load bearing situations. The compound will form a rigid seal to prevent fire and smoke spreading throughout the building and subsequent to installation it will accept further services penetrating the barrier without damage.

Fire compound can provide a load-bearing capability when installed correctly which enables the product can be installed even in areas where there may be necessity for light foot traffic, e.g Service Riser Cupboards.


At Peritus PFP we undertake comprehensive installations for our clients utilising products provided by our partnered industry leading manufacturers who strive to ensure the latest in test data and product development is available.

As part of our commitment to maintaining fire protection integrity, Peritus PFP undertake inspections and provide recommendations / reports to ensure this element of the building fire strategy is not compromised, ensure any defects are dealt with correctly and ultimately the buildings fire strategy is not compromised.